Phyllis Crowley
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If you imagine the layering of strata over the centuries, you may find yourself in places like these. Many of the images are from marshes and flats at low tide on Cape Cod. The landscapes are expansive and cannot be realized in a single image, and since I have long been interested in combining images, I started constructing landscapes with multiple images and layering in order to more clearly express a different feeling of space and time.

The traditional split second slice of the world with the frozen moment is replaced by a narrative without a story. This is closer to the way the eye moves across a surface, not taking everything in at once, but needing time to see.


I am attracted to long stretches of landscape that are simple, sometimes stark, usually without people, but brimming with organic growth, and filled with things that are revealed by the tide or dropped from the sky. The images invite the eye and the mind to slow down and adapt a contemplative mood.

"These gorgeous photographs deserve patient looking…at a distance, up close, and multiple times. Stand still and drink them in" - Tori Rysz, Art New England