Phyllis Crowley
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 In this series of swimmers, all the water is contained in man made structures: pools and tubs.  In the smaller spaces, the swimmer may need to twist and turn more to get a feeling of  motion, and to create the joy and ebullience of slicing through the liquid world. There are also  hints of the risks of staying under.

Every summer I spend time in a house by open water, swimming and splashing around in the sea; every day watching its different moods and colors. Water has always been a part of my work, but the light moves very differently across the clear water of pools and tubs. I am interested in the ways that the light reflects across the bright surfaces, forms patterns and illuminates movement.

 I have photographed these swimmers over a period of years.  I have always been attracted to the ways in which interfaces, like water, distort the subject, leaving us once again with the question of how truly we can see or know anything.