Phyllis Crowley
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Partial Vision: Blizzard



have long had a fascination with looking through an obfuscating medium to see my subject in a new way. In this series I am photographing blizzards through the car window, which is frosty, icy or dripping with melted snow.  The best results come from a windshield mostly covered with a crust of precipitation, and this necessitates not turning the heat on, and rarely using the wipers, both conditions being unfriendly to safe, comfortable driving.  The dripping window images are the result of driving to a new place, therefor needing to clear the window and get a bit of heat. 


The Blizzard series was prompted by the recognition that the weather is becoming more unpredictable and extreme. Blizzards, floods and hurricanes have become more common and more violent. The frequency of blizzards in the North East has doubled in the last 20 years and requires greater preparation.


However, the intent of these images is perceptual, rather than political. I am attempting to show an experience, evoke a feeling, and prompt memories of snowflakes swirling around our heads and into our eyes, obscuring our vision and sparking our imagination.