Phyllis Crowley
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Off Peak


From the moving train, fleeting images of the landscape are perceived and held for a fraction of a second and then dissolve into memory The train window creates an interface between the rider and the landscape, which is normally seen as transparent, but by perceiving the window as an important part of the scene,rather than a barrier, the camera transforms the subject.


Clear outlines dissolve into abstract forms, sides of buildings become washes of color; grass and trees turn into brushstrokes, and the lens records the marks and stains on the window as impartially as what lies beyond. The camera creates an imperfect memory image.

There is a reference here to our inability to know anything clearly or directly; all our information is filtered by various interfaces.


The work is personal, intimate, experiential, with much left to chance. Nothing can be planned; decisions have to be made in an instant. Everyhelp the photographer anticipate certain effects. picture represents Wow! I like that! Click. After many such clicks, patterns emerge which


Different cameras have been used, from professional to cell.

As the work has progressed over 10 years, it  has become more abstract and more about my own mind, but I believe the images sill resonate in the memories of train riders.